Plain Advice On Efficient Programs Of T Bedding

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The affidavit says he pointed to where Cass body was found three days later. July 30: FBI agents asked Wendell to take them to possible search locations, and he drove around the impoundment. When they asked him for additional help, he said: I already showed you, and I already gave it to them. DOCUMENTS IN THE WENDELL NOYES CASE Click here to view the state affidavit in the arrest. Aug. 1: Wendell called friend Robert Wheeler, a trucker living in Virginia, at 4:30 a.m. and told him: I have something to tell you, but never told him anything, the affidavit states. Cass submerged body is found at the Stewartstown/Canaan hydro dam. Wendell dropped to the ground when he heard of the discovery and was hospitalized. Aug.

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